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How it works

Client Visits Your Website
Client Clicks On Widget Fill Out Custom Questions Fill Out Request for Consult
In Real Time, 123 Virtual Dashboard Updates With Requested Consult
Share Treatment/Service, Recommendations Share Before & After Photos
Client Receives Text/Email With Recommendations
Client Accepts Recommendation & First Vist is Scheduled.

What you need

Your business URL

What your clients need

A smart phone or computer/laptop

The possibilities are endless!


Potential clients access YOUR business website to begin their virtual consult. You make recommendations based off their submitted photos and videos.

The client receives your feedback and recommendations; then lock in their recommended plan.

This is instant client conversion, all completed safely in their home. This allows for access to new clients no matter the obstacle.


About us

Potential clients can provide all information required via your business parameters. Each client will have their own personal portal which saves their uploaded photos and videos— to enable fast and easy communication between you and your client. The portal allows you to diagnose and recommend the correct mode of action for each client’s personal needs.

Dental, medical, or healthcare offices can do virtual consults by having patients take photos or videos of their concerns and you can share your opinion digitally!

How-it-works (1)

123 is a intuitive combiniation of virtual consults, forms and digital TV signs whose focus is providing direct and indirect marketing and making your life digital and enhancing the end profitibality of your small business. We’re dedicated to solving the unique human communication problems, and indirect in office marketing .

123Consults is a Monthly Subscription Service that provides each User with their own personal portal which saves uploaded photos and videos, enabling fast & easy communication with potential clients.

Be the first

Be the first

Be the first office a potential patient contacts. Make the patient feel valued and heard.
HIPAA Compliance

HIPAA Compliance

HIPAA Compliance and security is baked into the virtual consults so you never have to worry.
Track success

Track success

We track consults, views, and estimated production so you can gauge your own success.
Easy integration

Easy integration

Virtual consults integrates with any website. Integration is simple and straightforward.
Simple for doctors

Simple for doctors

Using powerful, custom templates, doctors can finish a consult in less then 5 minutes!
Simple for patients

Simple for patients

Potential patients can finish their consult and send images in less then 5 minutes!

What our clients say

Cameron Gaines - Testimonial

“123Consults has truly impressed me! Our virtual consultations are so easy to navigate and our patients truly enjoy having the ability to be assessed from the comfort of their own home. The Dashboard is user friendly and very easy to navigate. We are now able to have our patient’s treatment planned out before they even leave their front door, which minimizes unnecessary trips to the office for the patient. 123Forms are very easy to design and our patients can fill them out instantly. Our life has been made easier —We no longer need to print and scan forms or have the patient show up 15 minutes prior to their appointment. With 123Consults and 123Forms, our practice now has more time to dedicate to our amazing patients!”

Cameron Gaines
Matthias Garrison - Testimonial

“I’ve found that this virtual consult software to be very intuitive and user friendly. I enjoy how easy the step by step process is to set up, as well as, the ability to access the software from anywhere. 123Forms has also has streamlined the new patient intake; Particularly having access to creating the forms exactly the way you want and adding in a signature box. This is truly a game changer in the way we can now diagnose and provide information in 2020!”

Matthias Garrison
Cheyenne Vanterpool - testimonial

“123Consults has everything you need to start your patient and/or client. 1) The Assessment tab provides you with all of the information the patient submits virtually to be diagnosed. 2) The Dashboard keeps track of your new patients that accept their treatment recommendations 3) You start your patient with a quick phone call or email. It really is as easy as 1, 2, 3! I will definitely recommend to all of my colleagues.

Cheyenne Vanterpool
Peter Rowe - Testimonial

“123Forms and 123Consults is the answer we need in this day in age to truly be considered digital. My staff can easily access the Dashboard, which is key to keeping a steady flow of patients in your door. Having this cloud based software, in a moment’s notice, I can truly diagnose and treatment plan whenever I want. I was able to set up my Treatment Evaluations and Treatment Options in minutes. The software also allows you to provide before and after photos, which enhances the experience for any future patients.”

Peter Rowe
Why 123Consults

Why 123Consults?

No storage limitations. No additional fees for GB usage. 1 Flat rate per month according to your business needs. Intuitive and user friendly for both you and your clients. Traffic driven from your website converts new clients in a fraction of the time. All files are stored securely and are HIPAA Compliant. Continue working from home or office, no matter the current events.


$79 /Month
1 Product
Best Product with lowest cost. Pick any one from the below options with $79 per month
  • 123Consults
  • 123Forms
  • 123TV Signs
Annual $65 (Save 60%)
Popular Choice
$130 /Month
2 Product
People's most preferrable option Pick any two $130 per month
  • 123Consults
  • 123Forms
  • 123TV Signs
Annual $120 (Save 60%)
Full Suite
$150 /Month
3 Product
Underrated option All three with $150 per month
  • 123Consults
  • 123Forms
  • 123TV Signs
Best Value

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